PEO Insurance

If you’re searching for PEO Insurance, choose the Libertate team because they have dedicated their careers to the furthering of the Professional Employer Organization/PEO model.

Libertate was founded by long-time PEO insurance expert Paul Hughes, and is proud to boast a team of professionals that know PEO.  Whether it be master policy placements, cyber, EPLI etc., Libertate understands the needs of the PEO model when it comes to insurance better than anyone in the marketplace.

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Professional Employer Organizations

Our team has a deep history in the PEO industry, having participated in close to $2 Billion of workers’ compensation placements over the course of the last 20+ years as both brokers and underwriters. We have created six different programs for PEO workers compensation, currently offering exclusives on two.

Discover how we can help grow your business.


Since inception in 2006, RiskMD has managed over $28 Billion of co-employed workers’ compensation payroll, to include $750 Million in premium and more than 75,000 claims. RiskMD accomplished this through cutting-edge data concepts and advanced technology.

Libertate utilizes the RiskMD data vault to ingest the PEO loss information of any client company written by any workers’ compensation or health insurance carrier in an effort to understand pricing, profitability, and direction.

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COVID-19 Monitoring

As COVID-19 continues to spread, Libertate Insurance Services is monitoring the guidelines and recommendations set by the CDC. Our business will operate as normal.

For any official COVD-19 updates, please check with the CDC website here or the WHO website here.

To stay informed on how COVID-19 impacts PEO and the isurance industry, follow our coverage on our blog, PEO Compass. You can access it by clicking the button below.

Mission Statement


To understand the inherent risk within our clients’ workplaces and to either place or create an insurance mechanism to effectively see the risk. In doing this, we deliver financial growth and protection to the clients we serve.

Principles of Libertate Insurance Services


Non-negotiable business principles that guide all of our decisions and form the spirit of our corporate culture across all of our operating companies.


  1. The client always comes first.
  2. Do the right thing; no business opportunity should jeopardize ethics.
  3. We respect and excel through the interdependence of all three stakeholders of our system: employees, clients & carriers.
  4. We will know our business and be “students of the game.”
  5. Our value is the quality and commitment of our team members. Our foremost asset is our people.
  6. We will position ourselves to be responsible buyers and sellers of insurance