Creating Workers’ Compensation Capacity and Protecting the PEO Model

Our team has dedicated their careers to furthering the PEO model and creating workers’ compensation capacity. When there was no market, our team created one in 2001 and have been the agent of record of five PEO insurance programs for workers’ compensation since. Additionally, we have been involved in close to $2 billion of PEO workers’ compensation premium transactions from reinsurance transactions to first dollar coverage.

When the actuarial bureaus and regulators attacked the PEO model, we have been there to educate and support. When the PEO model was potentially going to be extinct, we delivered the capacity to keep it alive. Our mission is to provide necessary support from the insurance community for our PEO clients to grow and thrive.

Workers’ compensation is the only “must have” insurance line for a PEO to provide other fundamental coemployer services and it is our mission to get coverage placed regardless of the risk if proper data is presented. We use data-driven models and systems to best select the carrier which is most suitable for the risk at hand. We are an expert outsourced manager of risk and brokerage that understands the nuances of PEO.


Mission Statement

To understand the inherent risk within our clients workplaces and to either place or create an insurance mechanism to effectively see the risk.  In doing this, we deliver financial growth and protection to the clients we serve.

Principles of Libertate

Non-negotiable business principles that guide all of our decisions and form the spirit of our corporate culture across all of our operating companies.

  1. The client always comes first.
  2. Do the right thing; no business opportunity should jeopardize ethics.
  3. We respect and excel through interdependence of all three stakeholders of our system: employees, clients & carriers.
  4. We will know our business and be “students of the game”.
  5. Our value is the quality and commitment of our team members. Our foremost asset is our people.
  6. We will position ourselves to be responsible buyers and sellers of insurance.

Core Competencies

  1. Client Centric Process

    Our Total Cost of Risk Process creates a client experience that eliminates the frustration of the unknown and introduces an environment of comprehension and high resolution optics focused on each client’s assets, liabilities, risks, and opportunities. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing they have all the data they need to make informed decisions to foster growth and development for their companies.

  2. Fostering Education of Insurance Products and Risk Management Strategies

    Our client resources go further in terms of supporting out clientele. These resources, including our patent pending technology illuminated by RiskMD, takes the guess work out of risk management. These tools allow for granular visualization of exposures, benchmarking of distinct metrics against peers and real time identification of profit centers. This allows our clients to more effectively develop their sales and growth models and proactively hedge against poorly preforming markets.

  3. Empower our Employees and Community

    Our employees are the building blocks in the evolution of insurance and risk management. We encourage giving back to our community and are thankful for the opportunities our community affords us.

  4. Privately Held Organization

    Allows us to focus on our clients, be flexible with decisions and resources, make quick decisions, and be creative with what we do.

  5. Relationships as Our Foundation

    Maintaining a relationship of trust and transparency with our clients, carriers, partners, and employees allows us to lead the way in branding our key strategies for managing risk in this ever changing marketplace.