Data-Driven Risk Management

What do you know about your data? With RiskMD, you are able to have real-time insight into your payroll, claims, and policy data. Utilizing its patented process, RiskMD is able to produce visuals that identify important KPI’s, which will ultimately keep your company on track. From a daily carrier bordereau to monthly performance dashboards, RiskMD can provide a complete look and analysis on every aspect of your data!

The days of not understanding true client company profitability are over! Our patented process allows us to tie together your policy, payroll and claims data by the FEIN, which produces true dollar gain/loss for each of your clients. By giving you the ability to pull loss runs, produce payroll audit and performance reports, and identify real-time policy endorsements, RiskMD cuts downtime and expense for ANY company.

RiskMD is your leader in data management and visualization!